Prayer Update 7

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It’s been a while since we had a prayer list update, so let’s get right into it and get praying!

Let’s start with a miracle. Larry Stefano had a fresh set of biopsies recently, and the results were incredible. The cancer is going away in his hip, the bone is healing, and they want to start giving him a bone strengthener to help the process along. I want to remind you, this was a man who a few months ago didn’t know if he would live past the next few weeks. He is feeling intensely grateful. Let’s keep praying for him, and believe for a complete recovery!

Now, let’s pray for Terri. Terri is getting tired of fighting. She has been doing it for a long time, and her body is wearing out. She needs strength, she needs peace, she needs joy, and she needs a miracle. I believe she has outlived what was expected of her by a number of months, but now she needs her breakthrough. Honestly, she said that she either wants a miracle or wants to go be with Jesus. Let’s believe for that miracle.

Speaking of needing a miracle, we have a new addition to this list. Isiah is a young man who recently suffered a spinal injury in his T2 and T3 vertebrae that paralyzed him from the waist down. The injury was severe, and he has been told it will be a miracle if he ever walks again. Good thing our God specializes in those.

Baby Persephone had a major relapse, and is slowly returning to normal. They were getting to the point where she was actually about to be released from the hospital, but then she had another surgery that sent her spiraling downward. Having said that, she is making progress toward health again. Please continue to pray for her.

Next, another miracle! Sue Westbrook just recently got a PET scan showing no cancer cells! She will continue with treatment until the end of September, and is hoping to keep her diabetes, lung disease and arthritis under control. She also just recently was graced with the arrival of her grandson! (We were praying for him back in the fall.)

My friend Lonny currently only has 30% use of his heart. This causes a great degree of dizziness and an overall lack of being able to function. Let’s pray for a complete restoration of his heart and whole body.

Let’s keep praying, too, for Chris Fagundes and Doris Adams. I haven’t heard any updates on Chris (who was recently diagnosed with recurring breast cancer), and Doris is still suffering from her back problems.

You might have noticed that the actual prayer list page hasn’t been updated recently, and actually never fully recovered from when Life Springs went down a month or so back. I’m hoping to have it back up and functioning properly right away. In fact, I’m hoping to have a new, improved version available shortly.

Thank you for praying for these people, and continuing to believe for their healings, restorations and breakthroughs. Your prayers matter, and they make a difference. Please consider sharing this so they can get covered by as many people as possible, and be sure to let me know if you or someone you know needs prayer. God bless you!

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