What if your most recent novel came to life?  What if you met the literal girl of your dreams? What if all of your imaginings and dreams became nightmares?

The last thing Ryan Holfax heard before his back hit the fence was Mary Blake screaming. By the time he came around, though, both she and the hellish, diesel-powered Minotaur had been swallowed up by the ravenous downpour. The police are hammering on his front door. Ryan thinks he might be about to die, but luckily he’s wrong. That will come later. Instead Ryan is about to set foot in a world beyond his imagining: a world of walking houses, steampunk cyborgs, primeval forces and patchwork kings. A war is raging for the soul of a nation, and one man from Idaho might just decide its fate. Perhaps it is a bit far-fetched. But in Alayaka anything is possible.

Step into a world unlike any you have visited before.  Immerse yourself in the wonder of “Alayaka”.

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