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Distant Passages

 Distant Passages 

Edited by Bill Snodgrass 
A collection of the best fantasy and science fiction poems and stories selected from the award-winning magazine, The Sword Review and from Internet web magazine pioneer, Dragons, Knights, & Angels. Twenty stories and poems were selected from the favorites of the two publications. These works represent authors from around the world and are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.
Features the short story “Racing the Gap” by Byron Leavitt.
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Church of the Stars

The Sword Review

Featuring “Church of the Stars”
There are as many gods as there are celebrities. Lonnie prefers to worship at the altars of John Travolta and Britney Spears, but when he feels he must make a confession to the lesser god Regis Philbin his life will take a jarring, irreversible turn that will mark his friends and him forever.

Dragons Knights and Angels

Featuring “Racing the Gap”
There is only one way to escape the slavery of the bulbous, tentacled Overseers, and that is to run across the Gap. Existing in a space of endless nothingness called the Ether, the Gap is an ever-fluctuating obstacle course with both the promise and the threat of freedom: if you win, you will be freed, rich and famous; if you lose, you will be freed from the bounds of reality, doomed to fall forever through the bottomless Ether.

Camp Horror

Featuring “The Answer Man”
If you can find his grave and want to take the time to dig him up, the Answer Man can give you the answers to your most pressing questions. Just watch out for what day you dig him up, and be ready for the potentially bloody consequences.


Featuring “Mobo the Clown Comes to Town”
Mobo blew into the city like a calliopean wind carrying aloft the sweet smells of cotton candy and whipped monkey brains. He was purposed to have himself some fun, starting with the local police department.

Gateway S-F

Featuring “Church of the Stars”

Fools Motley

Featuring “The Man Who Wouldn’t Eat Pineapples”
Suzanne is perplexed by her husband’s unflagging hatred of pineapple. In fact, it is distressing her to the point where she is considering leaving him. Finally, she makes him an ultimatum: eat the pineapple or we’re through. She could never have guessed what came next.

Our Own Words Contest

Featuring “Grandpa’s Coming for Dinner”
Tina’s family has a secret: they live to be very old indeed, but how they get there is a matter of some delicacy.