The Cancer Diaries

Is there wonder in the dark?

The Cancer DiariesSometimes we have to venture into the night to see the glimmer of dawn.  Sometimes we must journey beyond ourselves to observe the hovering hand of God.

Byron Leavitt fell ill in the fall of 2013 and was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  As he started his chemo therapy he began to write.  He wrote of darkness and light, despair and hope, life and death.  He chronicled his remarkable victories, and he catalogued his tragic defeats.  But most of all, he wrote a story: one about falling into the abyss, and finding Someone there waiting to catch you.

This is that story.  These are “The Cancer Diaries.”

Have you ever found yourself in the dark?  In the storm?  Maybe you’re there as you read this.  It’s easy to find yourself lost in that place.  To wonder where the light is and if the dawn is coming.  To grope and grasp for any sense of meaning through the pain and come up empty.

Maybe it’s time for a story of wonder, darkness and hope to shine a glimmer into your night.

Amazon Reviews:

“Well written, honest, compelling, Cancer Diaries is a succinct appraisal of the marvelous works of a loving God active in the world He created. Byron is a gifted writer, and his book would be an appropriate gift to encourage anyone struggling with illness or any of the trials of life.” 5 stars

“Author keeps a clear head & a wonderful attitude in the face of a painful diagnosis and journey through the evil of cancer. Inspiring and well written.”5 stars

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