Byron's Projects

Dive into Weirdness and Wonder!

I am the writer for all of Diemension Games' current games, including Deep Madness, Dawn of Madness, and Twisted Fables. I am also the author of the novel Deep Madness: Shattered Seas and the book The Art of Deep Madness.

Of course, I have my own projects, too. Be sure to check out my strange, off-the-wall book The Fish in Jonah's Puddle (To Say Nothing of the Demon) - which will be released very soon, my nonfiction book Of Hope and Cancer, and my forthcoming fantasy epic Alayaka.

I've also written a number of short stories. These are harder to find currently, but I'll work on ways to get them out more in the future. My favorites from this category are "Dance of the Krakens" (possibly the best thing I've written), "Astride the Candy Cane Lake," and "The Redemption of Sir Isaac" (an Alayaka story.)

I'll have more stuff and deeper looks coming soon, so stay tuned for that!