Prayer Update 6

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We have a ton of updates to cover today. Let’s get praying!

First of all, Larry Stefano has had a wonderful report! He had several biopsies recently, and the results were, miraculously, completely clear. There is still one spot on his hip that the doctors don’t want to biopsy, so he is still being treated like he has recurring bone cancer. He will go through several months of radiation therapy because of that, which has already begun. This is huge, because previously they were talking about how many weeks he had left. I don’t see how this could be anything but the hand of God, and I’m believing that his next scan will be completely clear!

Debbie Huff has finished her transplant, and has returned home! She had her ups and downs (including being hospitalized for a short while because of a fire at her temporary apartment building), but all told she was only in the hospital for her treatment a miraculous four days. Having personally been in there a month for my treatment, I can tell you just how miraculous that truly is. God is good!

Persephone Reimer, however, is still in the hospital and still having breathing problems. Her mom, April, asks that we pray for her airways and pulmonary arteries to open up. She is slowly, slowly, getting better, but let’s pray that she gets all the way there right away. She has had a very hard first few months of life. Having said that, she is growing very well!

Sue Westbrook is three treatments in on her new treatment plan. She felt pretty nasty after the first one, but better after the second. I haven’t heard how the third went, but she was praying it would be more like the second one. She will have six months’ of treatments, and she will have a PET scan after this third one she just completed to see how things are going. Let’s keep praying for her and believing for a great report!

Doris Adams is a new addition to the list, and a very dear friend. She has cervical dystonia, which sends spurious signals from the brain to the muscles in the neck. The doctors don’t know why it does this: it just does. But it pulls her neck to one side or the other, causing her intense, nearly constant pain. The situation is not at all helped by the two spinal fusions she’s had, and the only relief she gets is from Botox injections. She also recently had an episode that could only be described as stroke-like symptoms, but it wasn’t a stroke. This was a very serious problem and, while she fully recovered from it, the doctors have no idea what it was, why it happened or if it will happen again. Let’s pray for a complete restoration for Doris.

Another new addition is Chris Fagundes. Chris has been diagnosed with recurring breast cancer. I don’t have any more details yet, but I’m seeking them out. I’m sure she’s having a very difficult time, and needs our prayers. In the meantime, let’s pray that she has a complete healing from this.

My friend, Lonnie, could also use some prayer. I don’t really have permission to post this one yet, so I’m not going to give all of the details. But he has had repeated problems with bleeding, and a recent scan of his heart showed it to be operating at 30%. I believe his heart and entire vascular system will be completely restored. Please agree with me on this.

Lastly, I have a note in checking on Teri, but haven’t heard anything yet. Having said that, the last thing I heard was that she had been undergoing some radiation therapy, and that it was helping. This is a miracle in and of itself because previously I had heard she had been put on hospice, which people go on when they only have a couple of months left to live. Keep praying!

Thanks, everyone! That’s it until next time!

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