Prayer Update 14

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Here we have it, my friends: a new prayer update! Let’s get praying!  (To view previous prayer updates, check out the archive here.  To check out the prayer list, click here.)

First, when last I released a prayer update I added a new name a day or two after on Facebook and the actual post. The problem was, a lot of people had already read the post at that point, and so they missed her. So just to get everyone praying for her, let’s officially add Leslie Robison. Leslie has glioblastoma, which is a nasty, fast-growing and aggressive brain cancer. She recently had surgery to try to remove and minimalize the tumors and has been recovering since then. She just recently started a new immunotherapy treatment, and is praying it will be effective. Let’s pray for every tumor gone, and grace over this immunotherapy treatment!

Next we have another new addition. My good friend, Kenny King, recently got an MRI that showed the ligaments and vertebrae in the C5 region in his neck have collapsed and flattened his spinal cord.  He will be going in for major spinal surgery this coming week at some point, and has been told way too many times the dangers of becoming a quadriplegic from this.  He has been experiencing a lot of pain, and currently has a lot of numbness in his arms and legs.  He is also weak in his limbs, and has had an increasingly difficult time walking.  He was further recently diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a degenerative spine disease which he has probably been fighting for quite some time.  Let’s pray for him to be overwhelmed by the peace, the joy, and the healing power of the Holy Spirit!  Let’s also pray for the medical team who will be performing this operation, as this is pretty major surgery on his neck.  I believe he will be completely healed of this, and running again in no time!

Eric Stathers, meanwhile, is in remission! He is slowly recovering following a bone marrow transplant, and says he is feeling a little bit better every week. He has had two weeks of radiation treatment now, and has a couple more to go. Let’s keep praying for him to finish strong, for strength, peace, joy and hope welling up for him and his family, and a complete and total eradication of cancer.

Another praise report: Doug Troyer is done with all of his surgeries, is cancer-free, and is getting back to life! He’s recovering more each day, and is overall doing better and better. Praise God! Let’s pray for a continued restoration for Doug, and that his time with cancer is done for good!

Larry Stefano, however, is still having a rough go of it. Walking has become very difficult, he’s lost a lot of weight, and he’s in a lot of pain for a good chunk of his day. Having said that, he also had a bunch of tests recently that had some very positive results. It appears the cancer isn’t spreading, and he actually gained two pounds. Woohoo! Let’s keep praying for Larry, and believing that this cancer is on its way out. Larry’s in good spirits, but let’s just keep praying for him to be filled with peace and hope, and that he’ll see his miraculous victory over cancer!

Peggy Thompson is growing hair again! The last I heard she was doing remarkably better, and at this point should be through with her radiation treatments. Cancer should be pretty well a thing of the past for her. Praise God!

Glenda Burkman, another new addition, has been battling Graves’ disease. It has been attacking her internal organs, and they had to remove her thyroid due to hyperthyroidism. It has affected her eyesight and has caused one eye to bulge, and Glenda believes it has also affected her hearing.   This is an autoimmune disease, so let’s pray for her to be completely restored and her immune system to return to normal!

Chris Fagundes is still in the midst of her war with breast cancer. She is still doing battle with chemo, and it sounds like she will probably again lose the hair that she has regrown. Her mother also died recently, so she has a pretty big hole in her life right now. Let’s pray for strength, let’s pray for hope, let’s pray for comfort, and let’s pray for a complete healing.

Julie Eldridge is cancer-free and through her treatments! She still has reconstructive surgery coming up in the not-too-distant future, though, so let’s keep praying for her and believing for a complete restoration. She’s almost there!

Next, we have another new addition to the list! Barbara Fitzgerald had a cancerous growth on her kidney, and recently had surgery which completely removed her kidney. The cancer was completely contained within it, but she will still have a few months of recovery ahead. Let’s pray it’s a great one, and that cancer is completely behind her!

And one more new addition before we go: Darren McFate has been fighting stage four T-cell lymphoma for a year and a half, and is in the midst of his fourth bone marrow transplant.   Currently the cancer has spread up his spinal column to his brain. They are treating his brain and spinal column with an aggressive chemo therapy, and are starting to see results. They are also seeing stem cells from his most recent transplant beginning to take hold. Darren has chosen to have faith, and believes that God will heal him and restore him to full-time ministry (he’s a worship pastor to a church called Immanuel’s Church.) Let’s pray that treatments will be wildly successful, side effects will be minimal, God will sustain he and his family, and Darren will receive his miracle!

Let’s also keep praying for Amanda (myelodysplasia), Doris Adams (cervical dystonia), Isiah (paralysis), Bonnie (Parkinson’s disease), Beverlea (infections and joint issues), and Earl Orr (aggressive liver cancer).

Do you need prayer? If so, let me know! I’d love to get people praying for you as well. Also, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t so you don’t miss an update. God bless you until next time, and I hope to talk with you shortly!

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