Prayer Update 13

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Long, long ago, in a place not so far from here, I offered you prayer updates for wonderful people who very much needed your prayers. However, in the weeks and then months that followed, I grew distracted with other things, and wrote other posts, and the prayer list began to gather dust. It wasn’t that I stopped praying for anyone on the list, or that I dropped too far out of touch: I just didn’t update you. And for that I am extremely sorry. But not again! So here we have a new prayer page update for all!  (You can check out the prayer list right here.)

UPDATE: We have a new addition to the prayer list!  Leslie Robison learned recently that she is fighting glioblastoma.  Glioblastoma is a nasty, fast-growing, aggressive brain cancer.  She has several tumors in her brain.  They are doing an MRI to see exactly how many there are, and then they’re going to discuss performing laser surgery on the tumors to try and arrest their growth for a while.  Leslie is scared, and she needs our prayers.  So let’s pray for her!

Lauranne is a little girl who has dealt multiple times with leukemia. There were some tests previously that had warning markers that the cancer may be returning, but upon further testing it has been concluded that Lauranne is still cancer free! Praise God!

Eric Stathers recently finished eight weeks of chemo, and had his stem cells extracted the other day in preparation for a stem cell transplant. It sounds like they will know shortly if he is moving directly into the transplant or will have one more round of chemo first. A transplant can be a grueling, painful process, but by God’s grace it doesn’t have to be for Eric. Please pray for him and believe for a smooth, easy collection and transplant.

Peggy Thompson, meanwhile, is done with chemo and doing much better! She still has radiation therapy to go through, which will take several more weeks. That will start shortly, if it hasn’t started now. Let’s keep praying for her as she finishes out this treatment!

Larry Stefano is struggling. He is down to 115lbs, and he just learned that the tumors have gotten bigger. He’s having a hard time holding on to hope. He just started a new chemo treatment to try to combat the tumors, and he is in definite need of a breakthrough. Let’s pray for a complete restoration of his body, and let’s pray that he is filled with the peace, joy and hope of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Fagundes has had many of her tumors shrink, and continues to march forward through treatment after treatment. Her major tumor, which she calls Cujo, is still there and causing her strife. In addition, her mother has recently been having major health issues which have weighed heavily on Chris. Please pray for her mom, and continue to pray for a complete healing for Chris!Our other little girl Keelie is now over 100 days post-transplant. Her labs are looking really good, and she is slowly being weaned off of her medications she has been on since the transplant. She has had some stomach issues in recent weeks. Please keep praying for a complete recovery for her!

Doug Troyer has had a complete victory over cancer! Woohoo! He has one more restorative surgery which should take place on May 23rd, with probably a 2-3 week recovery following that. But then he’s done! Let’s keep praying for him during this last stretch, and believing for him to finish strong!

I haven’t heard much recently about Amanda. The last I heard she was very anemic, and still unsure how to proceed with treatments. Keep praying for her! I also haven’t gotten an update on Julie Eldridge, but let’s keep praying for her, too. (Though I suspect she is doing better.)

Let’s also keep praying for Lonny (heart troubles), Doris (back and muscle problems), Isiah (paralysis), Beverlea (several issues with infections and joint issues), Bonnie (Parkinson’s disease), and Earl Orr (aggressive liver cancer.) I don’t have much in the way of updates on them (either because of not hearing anything new or not hearing anything at all), but let’s pray for them and believe for God to heal them!

Do you need prayer yourself? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you, and to stand with you for your victory. You can comment below, message me on Facebook, or email me on the contact page.

God bless you, and thank you for praying for these people. Have a great week!

(And if you’ve never heard my story about how God brought me through cancer and miraculously restored me, you can check out my book, “The Complete Cancer Diaries”, right here on Amazon. I hope you like it!)

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