Prayer Update 12

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It has been far too long since my last update to the prayer list. I apologize to everyone who have been waiting for this update, either to learn what’s been happening or to get people up to speed on their situation. December went for me much like I imagine it went for many people, and that delayed my midweek posts. I thought this would be an earlier weekend post, too, but then I kept getting new stuff to send out. So, this waited. But not anymore. Let’s get into it. (By the way, if you need a refresher on what’s been happening, you can check out the last prayer update here.)

First, I had previously mentioned a little girl by the initial of K. Well, her name is Keelie. Keelie is currently in near-constant chemo, and will shortly be going in for a bone marrow transplant. She has been fighting all sorts of fevers and sickness, and was in the hospital until Christmas Eve. She has a 10/10 donor match for her transplant, but we really need to pray for healing and preservation of this little girl. (I don’t know her exact age, but she is probably somewhere between 5 and 8.)

A new addition to the prayer list is Lauren. Lauren is my cousin’s daughter. She is a multiple-time leukemia survivor, and she has had at least two bone marrow transplants. She is also under ten years old. She has been cancer-free for several years now, but this week a blood test showed some slight abnormalities in the blood. They are going to take her in for a bone marrow biopsy this coming week to see what those abnormalities are. It cannot be cancer. This little girl has been through enough. So, please join me in praying and believing that cancer will not be found anywhere in her body. Let’s rebuke this thing before it even has the chance to formally show up.

Next we have an update on Julie Eldridge. Julie is in the second phase of her chemo, and I believe she is now coming to the end of it. She will now be starting radiation therapy this month. Let’s pray for a complete lack of side effects, and a complete healing!

I also have an update on Peggy Thompson. Peggy’s cancer was a highly aggressive variety and, while the surgery was most likely successful in removing her cancer, there was a high likelihood that it would return due to its type. Because of this, Peggy is currently going through chemo therapy, which will last several months. (I believe she is also undergoing radiation.) She and her husband, Ted, have fantastic attitudes and are living by faith. Let’s join her with her faith, and believe for an easy treatment with no ill effects, and an eradication of her cancer.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of two friends from our list. The first is Marian Troyer. (You might have picked up on that if you read my post, “Can We Savor the Bittersweet?,” which was dedicated to her memory.) Marian was told that the treatment she was on had done nothing for her cancer, and they discontinued treatment. It was only a week or two later that she had gone home to be with Jesus. Please pray for her son, Doug Troyer (a wonderful person and good friend who is also on the prayer list,) and her whole family.

The second friend we’ve lost came as a complete shock to me. Ashlee Jensen recently completed her second bone marrow transplant. It was an allogeneic transplant, which means she was injected with another person’s stem cells. And that’s where the problems began. She started reacting to the anti-rejection medication she had to take to stop her body from attacking the stem cells, and the side effects continued to get worse until finally she couldn’t take it any more. She was in her early twenties. Please pray for her new husband, her parents, and her family.

Speaking of Doug Troyer, physically he is on the mend. God has been answering prayers, and there is no longer any cancer showing up on his scans. He is still in chemo, and still suffering from fatigue and dizziness. Having said that, he is going to be trying out work again this week, and continues to progress. Let’s keep praying for a complete restoration!

Larry Stefano’s hip is healing, and scans have shown no new tumors in his body. However, he has lost a lot of weight and is still weak. He’s starting to walk better, but is still in chemo and I believe still has a couple of spots on that hip. Keep praying for healing and restoration!

Eric Stathers is still in chemo. He’s been fighting fevers the last couple of weeks (which can come from both chemo and the cancer.) Fevers might sound marginal to many people, but fevers are often enough to get you hospitalized when you’re fighting cancer. Let’s pray for an end to side effects for him, and a complete restoration of his body!

Last but certainly not least is Chris Fagundes. Chris has kind of been going through it. Her tumors have been steadily shrinking (the spot on her liver is no longer visible,) but she is exhausted mentally and physically. She needs the cancer to be gone completely, because she doesn’t know how much more of the treatments she can take. She wants the mass in her chest to shrink enough that she can have a mastectomy, but I’m believing it will completely vanish and she won’t need the mastectomy. Let’s believe for that! Her mother is also dealing with a bowel obstruction. Let’s pray that gone, too.

Oh, one more thing – a miracle!  Sue Westbrook has been certified cancer-free!  Let’s give a cheer for her! Congratulations, Sue!

That’s what I have for this update. Thanks for praying for these fantastic people. Let’s see their lives and health change for the better!  Here’s the prayer list if you want it all neat and orderly.  Be sure to share this post with fellow prayer warriors, and spread the word!

Also, in case you haven’t seen it, my book, “The Complete Cancer Diaries,” is out now.  You can get it on Amazon here.  Have a great week.

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