Prayer Update 11

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This prayer update was born when I realized, to my horror, that I had accidentally left a couple of people off of my last prayer update. I set out to rectify this with the first ever .5 update, but then more people kept popping up needing to be put on, and more updates kept coming in from current friends. So, in short, we have a full-fledged prayer update 11. =) Thank you for reading, and for praying!  You can reach the full prayer list right here.

First we have Amanda, who I feel so bad for leaving off from the list for prayer update 10. Amanda had Diamond Blackfan Anemia, and that has developed into Myelodysplasia, which is a disease where the bone marrow essentially becomes corrupted and blood cells are not properly produced any longer. It is often treated with a bone marrow transplant and chemo therapy, but they have informed her that a bone marrow transplant is not an option for her. There was a 50% chance that she could develop this or acute myeloid leukemia, and this is better than the leukemia. Having said that, it is still a chronic, aggressive cancer that wants to take her out. The median age for this disease is 65. Amanda is a college student in her 20’s. She already goes through transfusions monthly, and they are not sure how to pursue treatment for her. Let’s pray that she is just completely healed from this, and that treatments end up not being necessary.

Next is my friend Peggy Thompson. Peggy was diagnosed with cancer of the uterine wall. Her doctor recently performed surgery to remove it, and initial scans have been positive. Some of the cells are being biopsied to determine what type of cancer it was, and to see if it came from somewhere else or was contained to the uterus. If it was contained, then she should be free and clear. If it wasn’t uterine cancer though, she will have a further journey ahead of her as they try to track down the source and eliminate it. Let’s pray that the cancer has been eliminated and that this journey is over.

Matt Mercer is a gentleman who has pancreatic cancer. He is in hospice, and the doctors won’t give him any more chemo. He is 55 years old. I don’t expect to get much in the way of updates for Matt going forward, but let’s pray for him and believe for a miraculous breakthrough.

Earl Orr has aggressive liver cancer. Doctors won’t do surgery after the tumor reaches 5cm, and his was 6cm when they caught it and has now advanced to 10cm. They are not giving him any treatments, but they are also not giving him a timeline. Earl believes that God is going to heal him. He is fighting with faith. Let’s stand with him, and believe that he is going to be completely healed!

Another new addition is Beverlea. Beverlea has several problems that are keeping her from living a whole and happy life. She has superficial puncture wounds on her leg that will not heal up, and have now developed into a pseudomonas infection. At the same time, she suffers from sacroiliac joint syndrome, where her pelvis is constantly slipping out of place, and she also has saliva gland issues where the ducts will get clogged and infected, causing other issues with her ears and balance. She has been fighting all of these problems for some time, and is desperate for relief. Let’s pray for a complete healing.

Our last new addition today is Bonnie. Bonnie is fighting against Parkinson’s disease. I do not know at this point how advanced the disease is, but I do know she has been suffering from it for a while. Is should hopefully have more details on Bonnie shortly. In the meantime, though, let’s pray that this tormentor is eradicated from her body.

Just a couple quick updates from our current prayer friends: Ashlee Jensen is now 24 days post-transplant and she is still in the hospital. She is still experiencing the severe burning sensation throughout her whole body from the one graft vs. host pill she’s been taking. She also isn’t eating much, and has a sinus infection. Needless to say, she still needs lots of prayer. Hopefully things will start looking brighter for her shortly. And they certainly will with God’s help! So let’s keep praying!

Doug Troyer had a successful surgery and recovery, and his surgeon said that there is no further evidence of cancer in the place where the T2 colon cancer was found. (Woohoo!) He will be starting the next phase of his treatment (a 4-1/2 month chemo regimen with potentially higher side effects) right away to help thwart any recurrence of the cancer. Let’s keep him lifted up, too!

Also, a little update on Larry Stefano. He is currently going through chemo. I haven’t heard much else apart from that, but last we heard he had broken his hip and had all sorts of problems going on. So let’s keep him before the Father.

Let’s also not forget Eric Stathers (who I hope to have an update on shortly,) Chris Hoffman-Fagundes, Julie Eldridge, K (who I also hope to have an update on shortly,) Marian Troyer, Kate, Doris, Lonny, Isiah, Bonnie and Wendy!

That’s it for this update.  Once again, you can get to the full prayer list here and you can get to the last update if you missed it right here.

God bless you guys! Thanks again for praying! Also, be sure to pass this along to anyone who you know is a prayer warrior, or needs to be on here! Have a great week!

(Lastly, in case you didn’t hear my new book, “The Complete Cancer Diaries”, is now out! You can get it right here!)

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