Prayer Page Update 5

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Here we are with another update to the prayer page.

First off, we have a new friend to pray for. Larry Stefano has dealt with cancer before, but he has just been informed that there is a new spot on his hip. It is either bladder cancer or prostate cancer. If it is prostate cancer, he could have 8+ more years. If it is bladder cancer, then his life expectancy is measured in weeks or months, not years. He will find out on the 11th which it is. Let’s believe that he is completely healed of cancer, and that he won’t have to worry which it is because it’s gone. I have faith that God is really going to touch Larry, and show him just how real He is.

Next, Sue Westbrook has received some very sad news. A recent PET scan revealed three spots where cancer cells were active. It looks like her cancer is back. Her treatment plan will need to be a little creative due to her other health problems, so she is waiting to hear her treatment options. I completely understand where Sue is since I have been there myself, and I believe that God is going to use this resurgence for good, just like He did with me. Let’s pray for that, and for her complete healing.

Debbie Huff is in the midst of her transplant. She reports that God has been very good to her throughout this process, but that she is feeling kind of nasty right now. Being as she just got her stem cells back the other day, that is the farthest thing from surprising. Let’s continue to pray for a miraculous lack of side effects, and that she comes out of this cancer-free.

Gigi Cogswell has passed on. However, she got to spend her last days with a steady stream of family members coming in and out, and some who had completely separated themselves from the family have reunited now because of this. Having said that, let’s pray for her family. I’m sure they could use a touch from God. In a similar vein, I was in the process of adding Marlene Rust to the list, but she, too, passed away before I could finish this update. Please pray for her family to find peace, comfort and joy as well. Both of these are wonderful families, and would appreciate your prayers.

Last of all, we can all rejoice with little Persephone Reimers, who just recently was moved from the ICU to the regular medical floor! This is a huge victory for her and her parents. There’s still a war to fight, but this battle has been won. Praise God!

Please also continue to pray for Terri, Chad, Bonnie, Wendy and Bob as well. I honestly don’t have much of a way to follow up with them (except for Terri), so I can’t really give updates on them. Let’s keep them in mind, too, though, and believe the best for them.

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