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I want to start this update to the prayer list today with some great news.

Sue Westbrook, who we have been praying for, has had her last chemo treatment. She will have another PET scan in around a month which will reveal if the cancer is completely gone. Let’s pray and believe that the cancer is completely gone from her body. She also has been having problems with her arthritis: let’s believe that will leave her as well. Her daughter and grand baby, too, are doing very well. They will be having a big reveal for the baby’s gender on Christmas.

A new friend is also doing very well and being blessed by God. His name is Henry Herrera. He also just had his last chemo treatment for stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He will have a PET scan in a couple of weeks also to make sure the cancer is gone. Let’s pray for a clean bill of health for Henry as well as Sue. He further feels like God is going to use this testimony he has, so let’s pray for opportunities for that to happen.

Now, I also have several old and new friends that desperately need our prayers. First, I want to direct attention to Karen Krsticevic, who is battling acute myeloid leukemia. She is currently in the midst of her second transplant, which is called a double cord blood transplant. This is her second transplant in a year. Furthermore, the doctors at this point are giving her a 10-20% survival rate. She just finished an intense radiation therapy on her brain and spinal cord, and will begin chemo on Christmas day. The doctors gave her the option of taking the treatment or going home to die, and she chose to fight. She needs a miracle, and she needs one now. Please pray for her and her mother, Barbara. They are people of faith, and their faith will be answered.

Next, I don’t fully have permission to post this one yet, but I think I would prefer to ask forgiveness later than wait for permission now. Terri Carrell has an advanced form of cancer that is spreading rapidly through her chest. It is closing in around her heart, and without surgery she will only have 2-3 months to live. The surgery, however, will completely remove her left lung. The surgery will take place anywhere between Christmas and New Year’s, will take a very long time, and will be incredibly painful. I am praying for a major miracle for Terri, as well as the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit to permeate her whole being. I believe she will get all of the above.

Bev Marshall is a wonderful woman we have been praying for, and right now her news is frustrating. Her chemo is on hold because of intense pain in her abdomen and almost debilitating pain in her hip that travels down to her knee. What progress had been made against her cancer has been lost during this lull. There have been several points this year where her treatment was starting to get underway, but something has stopped it every time. She is understandably discouraged, and wondering what to do next. However, she clings to a word she received from God that this is not unto death. Let’s pray that her faith is answered, that she and her doctors receive perfect wisdom, that she is overwhelmed with the peace of God, and that she receives a remarkable miracle.

Pam and Bob are still in the hospital, and things are not going well. Bob’s body is still rejecting the liver he received a while back. They are tired, and they need relief. Let’s pray for that.

Duane Green has been having daily radiation treatments. He is fatigued, but otherwise doing well. Duane has been a lifelong role-model and friend for me, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through his testimony from this. Please keep lifting him up to God also.

Unfortunately there are many others on this list who I don’t really have a current way to follow up on. However, let’s not forget them as we’re praying, either. Let’s especially remember Chad, Bonnie, Tanya, Wendy and Sally Jo.

I have several other items that I’m waiting on permission to post, so there will probably be another update forthcoming shortly. I’m also going to try to put together a more ordered version of the list so it’s a little more organized.

As for me, I am nearly through the week-long conditioning (code word for chemo) for my transplant, and will get my stem cells back in a couple more days. I have had virtually no side effects apart from some nausea, and have been informed many times that I don’t look like I belong in here. I’ve been told over and over again that this week and the two weeks following it would probably be the hardest ones of my life. Well, one week in and God is showing once again that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

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  1. Byron, you continue to be in our prayers. Stay strong, stay in the fight, and trust in the Lord with all your might. He will never forsake you. Henry Herrera

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