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Hello everyone!  Here is a new update for the prayer page.  Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to this page: it is such a blessing to me and everyone who is affected by your prayers.

I don’t have many updates on current friends on the page, but I do have several new ones.  First of all, let’s be praying for Sue Westbrook.  Sue is a dear lady in Minnesota who has been who was recently diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  However, she also has rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial lung disease and diabetes, so she probably can’t have the standard Hodgkin’s treatment called ABVD because one of the chemo drugs, bleomycin, can cause serious lung damage.  Let’s pray not only for the perfect treatment to match her diagnosis, but a complete healing of cancer and all of the other health problems she has encountered.

Also, we need to be praying for Sue’s daughter, who has been having complications with her pregnancy.  They initially thought that baby had miscarried, but were very relieved to learn that was not the case.  Having said that, there are still possible complications, so let’s keep them in prayer too and believe for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Next of all, Bev Marshall is in need of prayers.  Bev is a faith-filled lady and really believes that God is going to heal her.  It is my experience that God answers this kind of stubborn faith, and Bev has been having good reports from blood work, CT scans, and the removal of fluid off her lungs.  Having said that, Bev is also dealing with celiac disease, neuropathy, and congestive heart failure.  I believe Bev’s stubborn faith is going to be answered, and that God is going to completely restore her.  Let’s pray accordingly.

Sarah met a couple named Pam and Bob.  Bob recently had a liver transplant, but the donor’s cells from the liver have been attacking his cells.  The offending cells have furthermore made their way into his bloodstream, so the medical staff has been working to purge them and protect his ravaged immune system.  Because of all of this Bob and Pam have been in the hospital for a very long time, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  Let’s believe that Bob’s body quits fighting against his new liver and that the organ accepts its new home.  Let’s also believe that they receive a significant, tangible touch from God.

Lastly, we have changed our schedule a bit on my transplant.  We got into a trial that takes an antibody created with mice, sticks some radiation on it, programs it to attack my cancer, and then lets it loose in my bloodstream.  (Think of the antibody as the irradiated mouse, my body as the maze and the cancer as the cheese.)  Because of this, though, they had to push back the date of the transplant to the first available slot in the trial.  We are now looking at really starting the transplant procedure on December 11th.  This gives us more time to get things in order, but also means that we will have an additional month of procedures, tests, and expenses to get through.  As always, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

(Can I let you in on a secret, too?  I really just put that update for me as a bait and switch.  If you got to this page because you wanted to see the update about me, please be sure to pray for these other wonderful people as well, not to mention all of the phenomenal individuals already on the list.  God bless you!  =)

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