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Hey there!

So, I had a question for you this week.  I kind of want to branch out on Life Springs.  But I wanted to get your thoughts before I just jumped into it.

As some of you know, I am first and foremost a storyteller.  And, previous to this last year, that had almost always meant fiction.  I’m feeling the itch coming back, and I’d really like to start posting it on here.  And not just any fiction, but chapter by chapter of my next book as I write it.

First things first, though: would this mean the theology and wonder and life-application posts would vanish?  Absolutely not.  I intend to do both in tandem, actually.  So, if all went according to plan, I would have a theological post a week and then a story chapter in-between, as each was ready for you to read.  This way you’d get the same content you’ve been getting (and hopefully enjoying), as well as giving me feedback and helping me write my next novel.

But aren’t I afraid that someone will steal my next book and sell it before I get the chance to?  Why release it in this rough form?  Honestly, most authors’ problem isn’t brand protection.  It’s readers.  And I’d far prefer to have you as a reader, spreading the word while also giving me input as opposed to launching it to a whopping ten eager people.  I heard of another book that did this, by the way, and that book went on to become a multi-million copy bestseller.  I won’t mention its name here due to its highly controversial nature, but I will mention that in February it launched with perhaps the largest R-rated opening of all time.  Even beating “The Passion,” I believe.

So what’s the book about?  It’s called “The Fish in Jonah’s Puddle (To Say Nothing of the Demon).”  Yes, that is it’s full title.  No, I’m not changing it. =D  It’s the story of a boy named Jonah, his faithful salmon friend, Stuart, and their comrades Humphrey (a bow-tie wielding troll) and Callisto (a harpy whose humor’s as sharp as her teeth) as they try to rescue Jonah’s parents from the belly of a demon (who ate them through a puddle.)  SPOILER ALERT: At some point a toy kingdom will also show up with a ground made of cardboard.  (And what does water plus cardboard equal?  DOOMSDAY!)  Needless to say, it’s a little different.  But then, so am I.  Let me just put any doubts to rest, though, by assuring you it has an inspirational message at the end.  In fact, one way or the other, the ending will change the way you see the world.  For better or worse.  Through tears (of laughter) or not.

But, before we start seeing it up here, I need to hear from you.  Do you want to read this book bit by bit as it’s released?  Or do you want me to leave Life Springs to be strictly about theology, life and wonder?

As a big thank you, too, all voters who want to enter their name and email (which are not required to vote, by the way) will be entered to win a hard copy of my current book “The Cancer Diaries,” or the forthcoming “The Complete Cancer Diaries.”  Winner’s choice.  If you’re not already, it will also sign you up for Life Springs Mail, my incredibly awesome email service.

Also, voting will only be open for the next week or two.  (Basically whenever I decide enough’s enough.  Or the 28th.  Whichever comes first.)

So, what are you waiting for?  VOTE!

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(Also, as one last aside, if you REALLY dig the idea of this book and want it to come out as quickly as possible, would you consider donating to the cause?  The more I have up front the more time and resources I’ll have to make this book succeed.  If not, no pressure or problem at all.  I will not look at you sideways the next time we see each other.  But if you do, it’s appreciated.  And it’ll get this book out faster.  Plus, you will, of course, get a hard copy when it’s released, as well as the option of getting the short story the book’s based on now.  Though I warn you, that will spoil the ending.  You will also be top of the list when I have review copies of my book “The Complete Cancer Diaries” available.)

Thanks so much!  I appreciate you!

Your Friend,

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