Hi there! My name is Byron Leavitt. I'm a creator who writes books, makes board games, and generally creates things that I think will bring people a sense of wonder. I'm the lead writer for Diemension Games, a board game company divided between the US and China, and the author of the books Deep Madness: Shattered Seas, The Art of Deep Madness, The Fish in Jonah's Puddle (To Say Nothing of the Demon), Of Hope and Cancer, and the forthcoming fantasy epic Alayaka. Where you would be most likely to have seen my work, though, was in the board game Deep Madness - as well as in its forthcoming prequel Dawn of Madness. (I wrote all of the flavor text for Deep Madness, and am writing all of the storybooks for Dawn of Madness.)

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Deep MadnessDeep Madness

Minds. Seas. Dimensions.

All will Shatter Like Glass.

His muscles elastic and his mind fragmented, Connor Durham awakens on an unknown beach. In the distance before him is a black tower whose peak rises to meet the clouds. In the water behind him are beings who used to be human, their bodies warping and twisting into horrific new configurations. With nowhere else to turn, Connor runs for the tower.

In the Kadath deep-sea mining facility, Lucas Kane feels haunted. He dreams of lives he never lived and hears whispers from people who don’t exist. During his days, four grey figures vibrate in and out of focus behind him, their words mostly unintelligible mutters. But there’s something else, too, which he sees while both awake and asleep: a sphere, massive, metallic, and beautiful, which awaits him outside Kadath’s walls at the bottom of the ocean.

Separated by dimensions, these two men – and their unfolding stories – are intrinsically linked. As they descend deeper into the dark terrors of the unknown, they will draw inextricably closer together until, at last, both men find themselves trapped in the very depths of otherworldly madness.

Welcome to Shattered Seas.


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The Fish in Jonah's Puddle

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Plunge Through the Puddles Into Limitless Adventure!

Jonah Hutchins thought he was a pretty regular kid. After all, didn’t every boy have a troll in his basement and a harpy in his yard? But then came the rainstorm. And the puddles. And the salmon. And the demon.

Apparently, the salmon, whose name was Stuart, could talk. He told Jonah that the puddles were actually pinhole tunnels to other dimensions. And then the demon ate Jonah’s parents.

Now Jonah, Stuart, and their friends are setting out across the dimensions to save the worlds, stop the demon, and rescue Jonah’s parents. (Digestion takes a while, after all.) Along the way they’ll make new allies such as a massive plastic dragon and a grandmotherly, octopus-headed prophetess. They’ll traverse a land where the ground is cardboard (and where water is akin to a nuclear bomb), a world with luminous, wandering ghosts, and a universe that hasn’t been created yet. They’ll encounter the strange, the bizarre, and the wondrous. And maybe, just maybe, when everything is said and done, they’ll save all of the worlds from a dark, malevolent threat that seeks to consume them all.

Welcome to The Fish in Jonah’s Puddle. Are you ready?


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Of Hope and Cancer

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